Preble High 30th reunion was awesome...

In a fantastical universe, decades ago, Preble High School released unto the earth some of the most wonderful, talented, and amazing people. This site is here to honor them... and provide news & junk.

The 30th anniversary was amazballz! We all partied like is was 1992. Let's all thank the volunteers that planned the party and got everything ready just for you.

The Woods Golf Course
Green Bay, WI

Your classmates

Remember these goofy faces? Neither do we... mainly because most of the photos are missing. Help us out and receive some FREE space bucks.

  • Brad Belongea photo
    Brad Belongea Packer freak
  • Craig Erskine photo
    Craig Erskine UX/UI Designer & Engineer
  • Adam Gauthier photo
    Adam Gauthier Information Security Engineer
  • Darin Kane photo
    Darin Kane Phone Boi
  • Todd Kostichka photo
    Todd Kostichka Gear Head / Muffler Humper
  • Kara Menne photo
    Kara Menne Way too good for Darin

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The schedule was packed with smart and creative activities

The lowliest people from our school planned this... so I hope you didn't get your hopes up. Either way though, it was a fun time, and we are thankful for all that attended.